Omniknight in Artifact is a Rare Green Hero card with stats 5 / 0 / 12 and has the following abilities:
  • Purification (Active Ability) 2CD: Heal a unit 3 Health.
  • Omniknight has the Signature Card: Allseeing One's Favor.
Image of Omniknight Artifact Card
Green Hero
Purification (Active Ability) Heal a unit 3 Health.
Signature Card: 


Omniknight is a bulky support hero that helps you dominate the board via sustainability. Omniknight's heavy healing helps you from any position. You're never sad to have him in your roster when clawing from behind or denying your opponent the capability to do so.

Hero Stats

Omniknight has 5 Attack (with 6 other Heroes), which is stronger than 55% of other heroes.
Omniknight has 0 Armor (with 41 other Heroes), which is the baseline amount of Armor.
Omniknight has 12 Health (with 3 other Heroes), which is greater than 89% of other heroes.

Omniknight's Health is the largest possible for a blue hero, the next ones are at 10. His attack of 5 is SURPRISINGLY the highest of any green hero. I didn't expect it as I wrote this but Omni literally has the best stats in green.

Hero Ability

Active Ability
Heal a unit 3 Health.

Basic as it gets. 3 Health isn't huge but it does some work. This skill is available for use on turn 2 (Mana turn 4).

Don't let Omni die before using this skill. It's literally available each time he respawns.

Unlike most actives, using Purification on cooldown is pretty easy. But don't waste it on some creep. Purification technically scales off UNIT QUALITY. The better the unit, the more worth it is to heal (if that wasn't obvious already).

Signature Card

Healing scales in two ways - Number or quality of units. Allseing One's Favor doesn't care. It heals EVERYTHING. The only caveat is it's an aura attached to a GREEN hero.

While it sucks to lose the hero you put it on, this does help keep it alive. Even if it does die, moving it to a lane that's more in need isn't so bad.

There isn't much nuance to this card.It's pretty good. It's a lanewide Regeneration +2 aura.

You can stack this up for an absurd boost to survivability for all units in a lane. Just make sure the hero you stick it on survives. Guess who's the toughest green hero there is? Omni himself.


Omniknight is a a solid generic pick for any deck with green. He enhances almost any strategy as both a hedge against decks which try to pressure the board and decks which fold to a resilient board.

I suppose the 'rest of the deck' defines Omniknight's role. He either helps you survive pressure or overwhelm enemy defenses with pure sustainability.

The main deckbuilding limitation he has is Allseeing One's Favor being only targettable on Green heroes. I suppose it isn't too big of a deal.