Lich in Artifact is a Rare Black Hero card with stats 5 / 0 / 9 and has the following abilities:
  • Sacrifice (Active Ability) 2CD: Condemn another ally and draw a card. If that ally has 6 or more Attack, draw an extra card.
  • Lich has the Signature Card: Chain Frost.
Image of Lich Artifact Card
Black Hero
Sacrifice (Active Ability) Condemn another ally and draw a card. If that ally has 6 or more Attack, draw an extra card.
Signature Card: 


Lich is a strange hero who, at first, seemingly only fits in slower lists. In reality Lich can shine in many strategies, due to his raw (but subtle) power. Sacrifice is more useful than it seems and Chain Frost is about as good as you imagine it to be (amazing).

Hero Stats

Lich has 5 Attack (with 6 other Heroes), which is stronger than 55% of other heroes.
Lich has 0 Armor (with 41 other Heroes), which is the baseline amount of Armor.
Lich has 9 Health (with 5 other Heroes), which is greater than 57% of other heroes.

Lich's stats are okay. At 9 HP, he has the highest health for a Black Hero, but the second lowest attack value tied with Storm (but of course, Storm's attack doesn't stay at 4). Not bad considering survivability is a great upside when wanting to cast his powerful signature, Chain Frost.

Hero Ability

Active Ability
Condemn another ally and draw a card. If that ally has 6 or more Attack, draw an extra card.

Sacrificing your allies sure sounds terrible at first. And if you use Sacrifice poorly, well, it will be.

But we must first understand the BASELINE of this skill. If you sacrifice a creep that's going to die to another creep anyway, at least you get a card from it. Not bad right?

So how does one get value from this?

Sacrificing your own hero when you've already won a lane isn't as bad as it sounds. You get to move your hero 'for free' and likely trigger the 'Draw two if the unit has 6 or more attack' clause. Sometimes, you just gotta move your hero. It really sounds awful, but I'm not trolling. Same goes with any other excessive unit.

Building on the 'baseline use case', killing off anything that's destined to die will be a common Sacrifice. HOWEVER, you must weigh whether (and this is a mouthful) 'the card(s) you draw is worth the damage the unit WOULD have done, and/or the damage you may take from whatever it was blocking".

I like to say, as with all active abilities, that 'trying to get value by activating it each time is up' is not always correct. That goes double for Sacrifice. C'mon man.

Signature Card

This is power. Chain Frost is one of the few AoE removal spells available to Black. While you would think that makes it 'weaker' than the average, Chain Frost is 'up there' in terms of mass removal - one of the most powerful in the game.

It reminds you of Eclipse, doesn't it? Compared to Luna, it would require SEVEN Lucent Beam triggers to reach Chain Frosts damage output! However, UNLIKE Eclipse, this does not do piercing damage - which is it's main counter. Having even a single point of armor really suppresses CF's damage.

The units don't have to be neighbors - simply to the left or right of the current target will suffice.

Getting Initiative is a conversation all on its own, but it's a powerful effect. Usually, spells with Initiative tacked on are 'overcosted' or 'weaker' to compensate for it. Not in the case of Chain Frost. This seemingly random add-on really pushes the power of this card to its premier status.


Lich is one of those heroes that just 'gets things done'. He may not be a perfect fit for decks heavily pushing for a specific goal, but he is a great candidate to any deck adding Black.

He's one of those heroes that doesn't really have external synergies, or needs any kind of support. HE IS THE SUPPORT CARD(s). 3 Chain Frosts and Sacrifice are powerful tools any deck can leverage.

Building a 'Lich-centric' deck doesn't seem possible... or is it...