J'muy the Wise


J'muy the Wise in Artifact is a Basic Blue Hero card with stats 3 / 0 / 8 and has the following abilities:
  • Wisdom of the Elders (Active Ability) 4CD: Draw a Card.
  • J'muy the Wise has the Signature Card: Battlefield Control.
Image of J'muy the Wise Artifact Card
J'muy the Wise
Blue Hero
Wisdom of the Elders (Active Ability) Draw a Card.
Signature Card: 

Hero Stats

J'muy the Wise has 3 Attack (with 6 other Heroes), which is stronger than 10% of other heroes.
J'muy the Wise has 0 Armor (with 41 other Heroes), which is the baseline amount of Armor.
J'muy the Wise has 8 Health (with 4 other Heroes), which is greater than 46% of other heroes.

Hero Ability

Wisdom of the Elders
Active Ability
Draw a Card.

Signature Card