Bounty Hunter


Bounty Hunter in Artifact is a Common Black Hero card with stats 7 / 0 / 7 and has the following abilities:
  • Jinada (Reactive Ability): Before the action phase, there is a 50% chance to give Bounty Hunter +4 attack this round.
  • Bounty Hunter has the Signature Card: Track.
Image of Bounty Hunter Artifact Card
Bounty Hunter
Black Hero
Jinada (Reactive Ability) Before the action phase, there is a 50% chance to give Bounty Hunter +4 attack this round.
Signature Card: 


Bounty Hunter is a mini combo within himself. Track increases enemy hero bounty and his strong combat presence allows you to claim it! While many people mistake that BH goes into heavily gold-centric decks, his little gold generation package can benefit ANY strategy. Due to how important gold is to anyone, accompanied by decent combat capability - Bounty Hunter is a great addition to any deck.

Hero Stats

Bounty Hunter has 7 Attack (with 5 other Heroes), which is stronger than 85% of other heroes.
Bounty Hunter has 0 Armor (with 41 other Heroes), which is the baseline amount of Armor.
Bounty Hunter has 7 Health (with 5 other Heroes), which is greater than 34% of other heroes.

When Jinada is procced, Bounty Hunter has the highest attack value in the game.

His stats even without Jinada are decent. 7 Attack is stronger end of black heroes, only 'losing' to Phantom Assassin's '10' and Debbi's '9'. 7 Health is the second highest possible value for black heroes, which only one, Phantom Assassin, has higher at 8. As with most of the offensive black heroes - Bounty Hunter will, for the most part, net you a cross-kill.

Hero Ability

Reactive Ability
Before the action phase, there is a 50% chance to give Bounty Hunter +4 attack this round.

Ah, the coin flip of heavens. Jinada is an extremely powerful passive that turns Bounty Hunter from an 'OK' hero to 'The hardest hitting hero in the game'.

RNG is RNG, and as you can imagine, will be a source of frustration for you and your opponent depending where the coin lands for years to come.

While it's a popular thought to think of Jinada as 'average of 9 attack', it's weirdly A LOT better than that. 11 attack is more valuable than an average of 9. With Jinada on, you can one-shot many more heroes than if you 'consistently did 9 damage'. For example, Bounty Hunter wouldn't be able to beat Enchantress with 9 attack and live - but with 11, Enchantress gets bodied in one combat phase!

Signature Card

Track increases an enemy hero's bounty by 10, making it worth a total of 15 gold. Let's put it out there right now - that's a lot of gold. You can pretty reliably trigger this on turn 1, too!

The low casting cost on Track is key to its purpose. Since gold is harder to obtain and more impactful early on (a concept hard to discuss here and now), getting a solid boost early on can put the game out of reach for your opponent.

Track's snowball effect is real. Track, get gold, get beefier heroes, enemy struggles, Track, get gold, get beefier heroes... The fact Bounty Hunter and Track can essentially net you free wins like this is pretty stupid for 1 Hero and 3 Spell cards.

While Track definitely shines early on, you're never really sad to see it in the mid or late game. While hopefully your deck is packing some serious items - the secret shop always has some RNG goodies for ya!


While Bounty Hunter doesn't need a theme or heavy support to be added into a deck, he fits into hero killer type decks very well. The added payoff Track gives for killing heroes accelerates shutting the game out. Not to mention he's no slouch when it comes to putting heroes away in combat.