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Welcome to our brand new site! We are a small group who are very excited for Artifact. Creating Artifactier, we had one thing in mind... to build "something" that "Will make our journey with Artifact FUNNER, our play BETTER, and our struggle EASIER". Whether that "something" be tools, a community, guides, and/or everything in between. We have big plans and hopefully YOU will be a part of it!
Call to Arms set spoiler 302 / 280
All known cards in Artifacts 1st set, "Call to Arms". Sorted by date revealed.
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  • (6-Jun-18): Home tweak. Menu bugfix. Contact Us. Minor bugfix on Spoiler. Linked premier spells to and from hero cards.
  • (5-Jun-18): Dark theme implemented, Spoiler bug and tweaks, and now "If picture exists - show picture".
  • (1-Jun-18): SITE LAUNCHED!
  • offsite communication added, | . Also, Feedback form.
  • Single card pages added. (See: Luna, Sorla Khan)
  • Spoiler page-type added. (See: Base Set Spoiler)